Integration with IPBan

There are two integrations with IPBan

Firewall uri rules

To use IPThreat Lists, you must be running IPBan 1.8.0 or higher so that it can decompress the gzip data.

In your ipban.config file, there is a FirewallUriRules option. You can add any of the list urls from IPThreat Lists. Depending on how aggresive you want to be, you can choose a list from 100% threat level all the way to 0% threat level. Higher percentages will result in fewer ips being blocked.


... snip
  <add key="FirewallUriRules" value="
    IPThreat,01:00:00:00,[url from lists page],10000
  " />
... snip

Submitting to ipthreat

You can tell IPBan to submit failed logins to IPThreat.

  1. Sign up.
  2. Request reporting permissions.
  3. Once reporting permissions are granted, create an api key.
  4. Enter your api key in ipban.config in the IPThreatApiKey app setting. No need to restart the service.
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